The CRYSTAL line offers different levels of shielding and guarantees maximum easiness of use.



Up&Down Battery is the only rechargeable battery-powered system with a European patent, featuring a magnetic actuator and electronic control external from the glass. Innovative design, functionality, flexibility and durability: It doesn’t need dedicated electric systems and it is easily adaptable to sliding frames. Also available with solar panel.




Innovative and functional electrical system, Suncen is ideal in case several blinds need to be operated at the same time by a wall switch or a remote control. Compatible with home automation systems, Suncen doesn’t require cleaning interventions of the frame. The electronic system positioned outside the glass guarantees long-term durability and reliability.




All in One stands out for the capacitive control plate applied onto the glass.

It allows the single or group movement of multiple blinds (via radio remote) and it is compatible with both venetian and pleated blinds in 20 mm, 22 mm and 27 mm cavity.




The Sunround system allows regulating the illumination of spaces by the rotation of a small knob which orientates the slats closing them or opening them depending on the needs. Impossible to tamper with, it’s the ideal solution for public buildings like schools offices and hospitals. It’s only available for Venetian blinds in a cavity of 22 mm.




Suncord is a manual magnetic system that allows the tilting, lifting and orientation of the slats through two magnets, one internal and another external to the glass. The external control panel applied to the glass is composed of a cord tied to a loop that, when moving, makes the two magnets rotate allowing the desired positioning of the blind.